Hey Everyone, Monkey99247 here with some awesome news!

I found don the internet a big list of Club Penguin Updates that will be happening in 2011! here are some major updates that Club Penguin will be releasing in 2011!

  • April 2011 April Fools Day Party
  • May 2011 Medieval Party
  • June 2011 Adventure Party
  • April Earth Day Party
  • Club Penguin Brown Puffles
  • Club Penguin on the iPhone/Mobile Server
  • Club Penguin Blog Revamp
  • Club Penguin Stealth Class
  • Club Penguin Big EPF Launch
  • Club Penguin Future of Puffles
  • February 2011 Puffle Party
  • Club Penguin Parent PO Beta Test
  • Club Penguin Ice Fishing Stamps
  • Club Penguin Pizzatron Stamps
  • Club Penguin Treasure Hunt Stamps
  • Club Penguin EPF Strategy Class
  • Card-Jitsu Water Expansion Pack
  • Club Penguin Board Game
  • Club Penguin Data Center Migration
  • Club Penguin Blackout
  • Card-Jitsu 1.1
  • Club Penguin EPF Deck
  • Club Penguin Save Igloo Phase 2
  • Club Penguin Online Gifting 1.1
  • Club Penguin Brown Puffle
  • Club Penguin March 2011 St. Patrick’s Day Party
  • Club Penguin April 2011 Easter Egg Hunt
  • Club Penguin HUB
  • Club Penguin Puffle Collision Game
  • Club Penguin January 2011 Expedition Party
  • Club Penguin Divers
  • Club Penguin Translated Book Games
  • Club Penguin Help Station
  • Club Penguin D-Learning

Brown Puffles, Black Outs, Future of Puffles, Parent PO Beta Test, Club penguin On iPhone and Mobiles, Big EPF Launch!

Wow, it looks like Club Penguin kept to the promise about making Club Penguin more fun and putting lots of activities in for 2011!

What do you think is going to happen in these events listed above???

Leave me a comment!

~Monkey99247 President~


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